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Topography Surveying

Begin Using Aerial Topography Today

It’s hard to know the extent of a piece of property without being able to get an aerial overview. Aerial topography is made simpler with the use of drones. At Rekon Solutions Inc., we can provide you with the professional services that you need of residential or commercial property. No matter how large or small the site is, we can work with you.


There are times when topography surveying is going to be better than what ground crews can accomplish. You need to know every hill and valley on your site – and with our use of drones, we’re able to provide high-quality images. We use premium photogrammetry software that stitches images together, creating stunning maps.


A significant amount of data can be captured using aerial topography, too. You can learn more about remote areas, identify problems, and establish better maps so you know how you can access various areas.


Our accuracy is unlike anything else you’ve seen. With our incredible cameras and drones, we’re able to keep the drones low and slow in order to get better images. Drones are also more affordable to operate in comparison to manned equipment, ensuring that you get to save money on all of your surveying needs.


We’ve worked with inspectors, ground crews, corporations, and more to deliver high-quality topography surveying. We have a professional, highly trained crew that will operate the drones and establish the flight plans that are needed to deliver accurate data to you.


Aerial maps and 3D models can be delivered to you in a short amount of time. All you have to do is decide exactly what you want your maps to contain.


Contact us today to begin talking about your project. We will tell you more about what we do, recommend various services, and get started on your mapping project.

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