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Power Line Drone Inspection

Get More Specific with a Power Line Drone Inspection

It’s hard to see everything from the road. Especially when there are power lines down, you need to know what you’re dealing with before jumping in. At Rekon Solutions Inc., this is where we come in. We can provide you with a power line drone inspection so you can see everything from an aerial view.


Our drone land scanning and drone road scanning uses some of the best technology available. Whether it’s cold or rainy, we can still fly our equipment. Plus, we make sure that we get the kind of range that you need.


We understand that every job site is different. Our power line drone inspection services are comprehensive. We can be in the air for over 20 minutes, covering the kind of distance that you need. In some instances, we can cover over 12 kilometers a day – a great way to help you with your productivity.


Additionally, we understand that you might need all sorts of drone land scanning and drone road scanning services. We can provide visual and thermal images of all structures. They’re tagged by location, too, making it easier for you to reference them down the road. You may be surprised by just how much data can be collected, allowing you to have better inspections than ever before.


There are simply too many situations where you cannot risk workers to go into an area where you’re not sure what the conditions are. This is when it’s better to use drone technology. The quality of images has improved considerably over the past several years and we offer some of the best equipment on the market.


We’ll show you how drone land scaning, drone road scanning and power line imagery can make it easier to get the images you need. With better images in hand, you can make better decisions and create more comprehensive plans of what to do next.

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