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Rekon's Service Categories

Choose which service category best describes your project needs

Drone LiDAR fying above ground

Land Mapping

Using LiDAR and photogrammetry mounted on different aerial platforms this service will deliver topographic models, ortho-photos, 3D point clouds and more. 


Road Mapping

Truck mounted LiDAR services can provide high accuracy and high density mapping of roadways and the surrounding features like trees, power lines, buildings, fences and more. Street view imagery like google street view, is a service that will provide 8K or 12K 360 degree X 180 degree imagery of selected roadways. Images are geo-tagged  GPS data of customize-able accuracy levels. 

inspection drone doing inspection on powerline

Aerial Inspections

Drone Thermography takes the capability of thermal imaging cameras and elevates them to a new level. Adding the ability to inspect hard to reach components, cover large areas in less time, keep people out of the hazard zones and in some cases, even help save a life. 

Picture made using drone photography of a project

Project Videos & Pictures

Aerial photos of a construction site for job progress reports make it easy to record progress and compare it over time. Rekon can provide the same video or photo week by week or month by month in the exact same point. Over time a time-lapse or hyper-lapse can be made documenting and showcasing the work done on your project from start to finish.


Terrestrial scanning

Terrestrial laser scanning services can provide high accuracy and high density mapping features like building floors, walls, HVAC ducting, fire water piping, sewer piping, drainage, columns, beams, doors and windows


Underwater Inspections and Mapping

Inspections of underwater features has never been this easy or affordable. 4K video footage, 12 MP still images and in some cases underwater 3D maps are the deliverables a client can expect from this service. 

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