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Truck mounted LiDAR scanner


A Crew cab Sierra 1500 with contractor canopy is our choice for the job of carrying our 3kg payload. The Routescene LiDARPod makes up our LiDAR component. Made in Scotland by Routescene, the LiDARPod's standalone design, high precision ability,  and versatility allow us to perform a wide variety of jobs.

LiDAR laser target


With scanning times of up to 4 hours per day on target at a speed of up to 50 km/hr, We can travel up to 150 kilometers of ground per day on highways and rural roads. Coupled with a mobile ground station, progress down the road is made in a leap frog fashion. Typically we can do 2 to 3 base setups per day with up to 50 kilometers of progress per setup.

LiDAR road scan of road, buildings, and trees


The LiDAR pod captures at a rate of up to 700,000 pulses per second; the resulting point cloud can resolve fine details like road edge, crown, painted lines, cracks, potholes and ruts. In addition, roadside and overhead features like; light standards, signage, and power lines can be located. Average point density on a typical scan exceeds 2000 points per square meter.

LiDAR scan proofing QC through software


Using the LiDAR produced point cloud and specialized LiDAR software, we are able to trim down millions of points into just the ones we need for the road. These classified points can then be compared to conventionally surveyed control points to check the accuracy. Scans can have RMSE's of 1 cm with maximum deviations not exceeding 2 cm.

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