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Lidar Mapping Services 

Take Advantage of Lidar Mapping Services

You may be familiar with LiDAR mapping services. At Rekon Solutions Inc., we’re proud to offer the services that can make it easier to know more about your property. More importantly, we can use the information we collect from the drones to provide measurements and more.


LiDAR 3D mapping is all about light detection and ranging. It’s been around for decades, and was often coupled with GPS technology. In the past, it was expensive and not as accurate as it is today. Now, we’ll show you how drones can provide you with the LiDAR land mapping, LiDAR road mapping and LiDAR archaeology mapping that you need.


You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of benefits when using LiDAR mapping services. We’ll use drones so that you can minimize and even eliminate various safety risks to ground crews. You can reduce the amount of time it takes to survey the field. You also get a significant amount of data about the area scanned – and we use state-of-the-art technology to make sure that the data is as accurate as possible.


Additionally, we make sure that we use quality equipment that can penetrate vegetation, acquiring ground data as needed. Further, if you are on tight deadlines, we are able to capture data at a speed that is considerably faster than what a ground crew could accomplish.


While there are manned aircraft LiDAR, we find that drone technology is better in this area. We are able to fly at a higher point density. This is because we’re able to fly lower and slower. It makes it easier to scan for some of the smaller profile items such as:


- Towers


- Poles


- Power lines


Drone LiDAR radar is a less expensive option and requires less space, making it easy to work in tight spaces. We are able to provide a number of data outputs for you, ranging from forestry metrics to contour lines to DEMs and DSMs.


With our LiDAR mapping services, we take the time to work with you to make sure what you need is captured. Our crews will establish a flight plan to capture your entire space, whether it is a few kilometers or hundreds. Our drones are able to stay up in the air for 20+ minutes at a time, ensuring that they’re able to cover a significant amount of ground.


More importantly, we use leading software platforms to help with the LiDAR 3D mapping. It ensures that you get high-quality, accurate mapping to assist with your operations. We’re also able to capture multiple images in a methodical way and stitch them together. We can produce digital and printed maps to give you an overview of your property so that you have what you need.


Whether you already have a site plan or not, we have found that drone-based LiDAR land mapping and drone-based LiDAR road mapping can be extremely educational. Many of our clients have discovered all sorts of new things about their property because of being able to see everything from an incredible aerial viewpoint. You may find that there are service roads that you didn’t know about, power lines that are down, and much more.


You cannot expect a ground crew to create a site plan blind. There’s no telling what they’ll find along the way. It can be dangerous, plus you don’t know what supplies they’ll need. To avoid catastrophes and safety issues, drones will provide you with the LiDAR radar and mapping services that you need – and we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality that our teams can produce.


Even if you need LiDAR archaeology to learn more about what’s on the ground and underneath, we’re able to provide you with the aerial imaging and mapping. We can use other filters, too, producing thermography mapping for you as well. This ensures that you get useful data about your property to know more about what you’re working with. You can make better decisions because of being educated about your site – and our mapping services can be produced quickly and affordably.


When you’re ready to learn more about our LiDAR land mapping, LiDAR road mapping and 3D mapping services, contact us. We’ll take the time to sit down and discuss more of what it is that you’re looking for. We can talk to you about our services, show you maps that we have produced for other clients, and make recommendations on what’s going to be best for your needs. We’ll then set our level 1 operators on the task of establishing a flight plan. Soon, you can have all of the comprehensive maps that you need for your site.

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