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Aerial Mapping

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Aerial mapping can make it easier to know more about what’s going on with your property. Whether it’s for an inspection, to sell your property, or something else, Rekon Solutions Inc. can help you with the photography and thermography to keep you in the know.


You might be surprised by all that aerial thermal imaging can be used for. Whether you’re creating inspections, progress reports, or something else, you can make sure that inspectors and operations teams have the information that they need. We can use drones to obtain thermography from the air. It provides a better perspective while also making it easier to cover more ground and those hard to reach areas.


At Rekon, we have advanced radiometric thermal sensing equipment, making it easy to capture the thermal measurements that you need. It is a safer option as you won’t need to set up aerial platforms or ladders.


There’s no reason to step foot into an electrical hazard zone when you take advantage of drone thermography. Substations, transformers, and other electrical equipment can be extremely dangerous. If something has been disconnected or wires are live, you will want to stay out of the area. We have the equipment that can work around high-voltage equipment as well as in adverse weather. It ensures that your crews are kept out of the danger zone while collecting the critical information that is needed for you to get the job done.


Additionally, drone thermography can be used to produce thermal maps so that you can monitor multiple items. A substation or switchyard, for example, provides multiple insulating components and connection points. A thermal image of the full site can help you to identify problems so that you can avoid catastrophic damage.


With our autonomous flight planning, we can make sure that you get the inspection imagery that you need, even across solar panels. The thermography mapping can make it easier for you to identify problems and determine if adjustments need to be made. Our trained operators can also veer away from planned routes so that further details are captured in the event that anomalies are noticed. This way, you get a full, detailed report that not only meets but exceeds your needs.


When you require aerial thermal imaging, the best thing to do is reach out to us. We can find out what your industry is and what information needs to be captured on the inspection report. From there, we will work with our level I trained operators to establish a flight plan and equip our drones with the necessary cameras. We are proud to offer state-of-the-art equipment that can provide the high-quality, detailed images that you need.

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