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M300 & R2A photo 2022_edited.jpg


The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is our choice of air frame for the job of carry our 1.2kg precious payload. Making up our LiDAR component is the ROCK Robotics R2A. The ROCK R2A combines a Livox LiDAR and 24MPx camera with a high performance IMU/GNSS to deliver high precision ability  and allows Rekon to perform a wide variety of jobs.



With flight times of up to 18 minutes we can cover over 5 kilometers of ground per flight. coupled with a mobile ground station, progress down a right-of-way can be made in a leap frog fashion. Typically 6 to 8 flights per day and 12 kilometers of progress can be made in average BC terrain.



Capturing at a rate of up to 700,000 points per second the resulting point cloud can resolve fine details like conductors, guy wires and steel or wooden structures easily. Common practice is to scan between 100 and 200 feet  above the ground which has produced between 4cm to 16cm vertical accuracy

Danger Objects - T-Line lidar.JPG


Using the LiDAR produced point cloud and specialized LiDAR software we are able to classify points into useful groups like; "ground", "conductor", "tower", "roads" and "vegetation". These classified points can then be ran through a report that identifies when points are closer to each other than we specify. Adding location data to each identified point allows us to produce a map of the sites where work needs to be done.   

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