3.5 Kilometers LiDAR scan of new road

The customer had just completed construction of 3.5 kilometers of new road including a round-about. By mounting our LiDAR system on a truck and driving up and do the project area we were able to capture the road surface, edge of pavement, curb and gutter features during live traffic. 

Control report screen shot.PNG

5 Hectare LiDAR Pre-work survey

Our client needed to capture the existing surface of this site prior to mining the area. Even with the vegetation in full bloom a dense point cloud was able to penetrate to ground and produce an accurate ground surface.

Point cloud of mapped area

50 Hectare LiDAR map of old mine site

The client, a mining company needed to map an old mine site fully reclaimed decades ago with no recent surveys. New growth had taken over in areas but with LiDAR acquiring points on the ground was elementary.

DEM of mine mappd using Drone LiDAR

10 Hectare LiDAR As-built

The client, an earthworks contractor had just completed final grading for 10 hectares of sub-development and needed a final as-built to provide their customer.

3D Point Cloud viewed through Lidarviewer

260 Hectare LiDAR mapping

Working for a local survey company Rekon Solutions Inc mapped this 263 hectare area in two days with a point density of 315 points per square meter. For more information on this project check out this post. 

LiDAR point cloud - part of 260 hectare job

2 Hectare LiDAR scan for architectural design

The customer, a home owner in this instance had a property that they needed mapped so that the architect could design their house around the rock, tree and water fall features.

classified LiDAR point cloud

68 Hectare LiDAR map of future Pit

Our customer, a gravel producer had recently purchased a new plot of land next to their existing mine and need to get accurate contours of ground to plan the mine expansion for permitting. Most of the property was heavily covered in trees but, with LiDAR, penetration of the canopy was achieved. This gave us excellent data to develope a digital elevation model (DEM).

Contour map produced using drone lidar d

Dam LiDAR Mapping

Our clients needed their dams mapped accurately and quickly, getting all the features that comprise of the dam was easy with LiDAR, it captures everything from power lines, to trees, to concrete structures.

classified LiDAR point cloud of dam