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Drone Thermography

thermal image of residential building

Electrical equipment and connections in a switch yard or substations like a transformer or disconnect can be inspected without ever setting foot within the electrical hazard zone. Rekon employs equipment designed to operate around high voltage equipment and in adverse weather. This keeps people out of the danger zone and allows the crew to work in a wide range of conditions. 

Drone thermography allows inspectors and operations teams to employ the benifits of thermography from air, gaining a better perspective on larger areas or hard to reach items. With Rekon's radiometric thermal sensing equipment real thermal measurements at key inspection points can be taken without the need for aerial platforms, ladders or costly shutdowns.

thermal image from the air of transformer
thermal map of substation

With the benefit of being drone mounted, drone thermography can also be used to produce thermal maps of complex areas with multiple items to be monitored. A switch yard or substation is again a good example, with many connection points, insulating components and transformers a site thermal can help get the full picture and quickly identify a problem before catastrophic damage occurs.

Solar panels are another great example of where a thermal map and single point inspection imagery from drone thermography is very useful. With drone thermography area can be covered easily and unabated and maps or point inspection routines can be planned to hit specific key points using autonomous flight planning. Rekon's Level 1 trained operators will then, if upon notices any anomalies, break away from the planned route and capture further detail for the report. 

thrmal image of solar panel array
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