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Aerial Photography


Rekon's Drone photography tool kit is well equipped with cameras with resolutions up to 20 MP and with zooms of up to 30 times optically. We will be sure to get the highest quality images for your next project. From construction projects to high voltage power lines and devices, Rekon has the tools to get the job done. Contact us to discuss how we can help you on your next project. 

Aerial photos can show the construction projects through any phase of construction, from before the first shovel full of dirt on to completion and at intervals in between. For a construction company that could spend thousands of hours of work to complete a project, aerial photography is a great way to showcase all the hard work, report progress to clients and even settle costly disputes with photo evidence.

Construction Photo, Power House
Aerial Real-estate Photography

Many large properties and bigger homes have a hard time conveying to potential buyers the size an orientation of its winning features with terrestrial photos. With aerial photos you can shows that by getting the right angle a picture can now show the house, the features of the property and even some of the surrounding areas around it. 

For higher end Properties a combination of videos and photographs help the realtor market the property to potential buyer in a way that is eye catching and exciting. The video to the right is an example of rental property in the Bahamas, Rekon helped the property manager take a step above their competition by marketing their properties using not only pictures but video as well.



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