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Indoor Drone Mapping

Use Indoor Drone Mapping for Volume Surveying and More

Did you know that you can use indoor drone mapping to help you with inventory and other things? At Rekon Solutions Inc., we’ll show you how drone technology can make your life easier. You can get more data and save yourself significant amounts of time and effort.


There are all sorts of things that drone technology can be used for. Volume surveying has been used for years, used by mining and construction companies to save time and money. With our equipment, it ensures that your surveying needs are always met.


We’ve produced countless stockpile volumes for our clients, ensuring that we can help them with mass excavations, timber volumes, grading projects, and more. If a drone can be used, we will figure out how to make it work!


If you’re in a unique situation, we’re able to help you. We have worked with Nav Canada regularly to coordinate with the control towers so that our flights are properly coordinated. If you’re in a busy city or near an airport or heliport, we’re prepared for the challenge.


We’re often able to provide the stockpile volumes that you need with a fast turnaround. On average, we can produce the results within three days, giving you the volume surveying details you need without keeping you waiting.


Accuracy is where it really makes a difference. Our outdoor and indoor drone mapping uses some of the best equipment and technology that is available. Additionally, we have skilled crew members who work hard to deliver the kind of accuracy that you are looking for. Most of our volumes are delivered with an average accuracy of plus or minus 2%, though we can provide better results when it’s necessary, too.


We look forward to showing you all of what we are capable of when it comes to volume surveying. Regardless of what industry you are in, we can show you how drone technology can make a difference. We take the time to customize our approach with every customer, ensuring that unique aspects are taken into consideration.


You can review a number of the maps and surveys that we have produced for our clients online. We are also happy to show you more of the projects that we have completed in order to deliver the kind of confidence that you are looking for.


We want to make sure that you get the accurate numbers that you are seeking – and we have the skills to accomplish this. When you are ready to discuss your project in detail, contact us. We can talk to you about the various services that we offer, how we are uniquely qualified to provide drone services and how we vary from the competition.

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