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Orthomosaic mapping | Orthophoto | Aerial Imagery

Orthomosaic mapping, also known as orthophoto mapping or aerial image mapping is mapping where multiple photographs are taken in an ordered and methodically way of an area and stitched together using Photogrammetry. The resulting image is scaled and geographically correct.

gravel pit orthomosiac or orthophoto

To ensure the absolute and relative accuracy of each map we create ground control points are distributed and surveyed around the site. Depending on your site requirements we will tailor the layout and frequency of targets. Rekon Solutions Inc employs mapping and survey equipment that can produce maps with horizontal accuracy starting at 0.020m and greater based on your needs.

drone launch site for photogrammetry

Our operation footprint is small enough to fit on any site with an access road. Even with our small foot print, the team comes prepared with our drone and ground station equipment, GPS gear, generators, radios, emergency supplies and personal protective equipment. Rekon Solutions Inc is ready to get the job done safety, effieciently and right the first time. 

drone photogrammetry mapping a gravel pit

Not every day is 25 degrees and sunny, so we could not possibly choose equipment that could not stand up to Canadian weather. Rekon's drone photogrammetry mapping equipment can operate in winds up to 43 km/hr, rain falling at up to 60 degrees fron vertical and in temperatures down to -20C.

screen shot of Pix4D model of gravel pit

After Rekon has all the data in hand, processing is the last but, still very important step. To ensure we get the best and most accurate results possible Rekon chose  Pix4D as the processing platform. It is the industry standard and leads the pack in quality of products produced. Check out the online 3D model of a stockpile Rekon made in May 2019.  

Check out our page on stockpile and excavation volume surveying for more about mapping with photogrammetry by clicking the link below.

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