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Digital Terrain Survey

Schedule a Digital Terrain Survey

Did you know that a digital terrain survey can tell you everything you need to know about your property? All sorts of photographs can be taken with our drones, ensuring that you have detailed information. Rekon Solutions Inc. is here to help you with all of your inspection and reporting needs.


There’s no need to try to conduct everything by ground. It’s not only dangerous but also time-consuming. We’ll use premium drone technology and equipment to be able to provide you with digital elevation mapping. With our quality images, you can do a lot of calculations. You can learn more about distance, elevation, and more.


How else are you going to get the measurements that you need? Often, you will risk the safety of your employees to get a digital terrain survey. With the cameras and equipment that we have, we’re able to capture the images and use photogrammetry to produce the digital maps that you need.


We make it easier for you to get the digital elevation mapping that you need. Employing drones can be a faster and more affordable solution than some of the traditional methods. Plus, we make sure that the site maps are specific to what you need.


Orthomosaic maps are one of our specialties, ensuring that you get a scaled and geographically correct map. We’ll use a variety of ground control points to give you incredible horizontal accuracy.


With our small operational footprint and our ability to work with the various aspects of Canadian weather, we’re the drone crew that you need to get the job done. You’ll love our wide range of services and the results that we’re able to hand you.


Learn more about how we can help you with your mapping needs at Rekon by contacting us today.

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