Cameras and drone technology is advancing at an impressive rate. With today’s technology we can carry 4K 16 & 22MP cameras. This allows us to produce vibrant, sharp, and high-quality images in a short period of time. With the up-to-date hardware we can live stream video footage down to the ground where operator and customer can view the images and pick exactly the right composition for the intended purpose. 

Many large properties and bigger homes have a hard time conveying to potential clients the size an orientation of its feature with terrestrial photos. In Figure 2 and aerial photo shows that by getting the perfect angle this picture now shows the house, the river that runs just behind it and all the space between this house and the neighbors. 

Figure 3 is a picture that shows the power house in its completed state. A construction company spent thousands of hours of work, millions of dollars and five plus years building it. With the aerial photo we can capture the complete structure for job status reports, material for future advertising and propaganda.

For higher end Properties a combination of videos and photographs help the realtor market the property to potential buyer in a way that is eye catching and exciting. The video to the right is an example of rental property in the Bahamas, Rekon helped the property manager take a step above their competition by marketing their properties using not only pictures but video as well.


Coldstream, BC Canada