Aerial LiDAR system


Increase the safety

Safety is number one; keeping your people and ours out of harm’s way is one of our core values. While conventional ground surveying puts people at risk hiking through wild terrain,  unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) allow personnel to observe operations from the side lines, reducing hazard exposure


Saving cost through innovative processes

Traditionally, to survey 100 
hectares with 1 point every 
square meter would take a 
survey crews on foot weeks or 
months tying up valuable 
resources and costing hundreds of 
thousands of dollars. An area 
this size could be mapped in hours to days using Rekon’s Drone LDAR and cost just thousand dollars!


Because our Customers have better things to worry about

A commitment to producing as 
promised is another of Rekon’s 
core values. Detailed standards 
for operating procedures, site 
specific flight plans, experienced 
UAV operators and back-up hardware allow Rekon to arrive on site and execute day in and day out.


Rekon's team comes from a construction background with experience in highway, bridge, Power house, Intake, turbine and generator and Pump house construction. We are able to use that experience and knowledge to better relate to our clients needs as well as anticipate the environment and work site condition that we will contend with to make sure the end users have the best product we can offer.  

Truck Mounted LiDAR System


When you're in need of a dependable drone service providers, don’t hesitate. Contact Rekon Solutions Inc today.

powering on drone for mapping mission

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